Apr 03

Industry 4.0 summit

Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution, the Internet of Things, the Smart Factory. It is a reality. It is happening. Are companies ready? Are you prepared? How can I understand it and implement it?

The Industry 4.0 Summit aims to be the leading international summit for leaders in Industry 4.0. Over two days we will have presentations from 30 leading experts on 4.0, IIoT, smart manufacturing with plenty of case studies of industry 4.0 in action. If you want to understand how this impact your business, you need to be at this event. Can you afford to ignore this revolution?

Get an understanding of government strategy. If you’re a CEO or business owner, get a better understanding on how business models can be adapted for your business. If you’re a SME come and learn SMEs who have already adopted industry 4.0 across their operations.

We are expecting 300 conference attendees to the Summit, and this will run alongside the Factories of the Future Expo.

Please note this is a two day event: 04/04/2017 – 05/04/2017.