Feb 09

Prepare your manufacturing business for Brexit

Do you import goods from overseas, operate in international supply chains or export goods? If so, there are some significant changes ahead for when the UK leaves the Customs Union.  Whilst trade deals and timelines are to be negotiated, preparing a plan to manage Brexit now, no matter the final outcome, will ensure that you are able to service your customers and continue with business as usual.  The Manufacturing Growth Fund and The Base will be hosting a free workshop on Friday 9 February, which is designed to help you consider your ongoing strategy.

During the session you’ll hear from supply chain, international trade and manufacturing business experts who will help you consider the new  business landscape including:

  • The tariffs your business may need to pay if you export or import goods
  • The administrative processes to manage trade outside the single market
  • An outline of the non-tariff barriers which you may need to consider including rules of origin, regulation and standards

The session will include a panel session for you to ask questions about your specific concerns and will conclude with a workshop which will allow you time to make a plan for this. In addition, you will learn how funding from the Manufacturing Growth Fund can help you to bring in expertise to support you through this process.